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Character Art

It started with this.

One of the ideas tossed about for cover art for The Second Stone was this one of Dorilian and Hans in a standoff. This is my hand drawn version, hastily sketched on an iPad.

This concept was not used, of course, in favor of Sordan and sailing boats. I rather liked the idea, though, so I commissioned Margarita to create the illustration.

And here it is!

It's important to note that I, when writing, do not have photographic images in my head of what my characters look like. Young/old, short/tall, blond/brown. About the only thing I'm specific about is eye color and that's mostly as genetic signifiers. Readers are going to imagine these characters for themselves, so my concepts barely matter.

I do like having this image, though. Dorilian is the World's (any world's) most arrogant and stubborn man. And Hans, as readers will discover, is very much Dorilian's match in the stubborn department. The difference is that Hans is not an asshole about it.

So here's a little bit of fun art. The scene properly belongs in The Second Stone, where the two meet for the first time as adults.

I will be commissioning another character art piece for The God Spear, which will be published early next year. Until then, I hope readers will enjoy this one.

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1 Comment

Thea Nishimori
Thea Nishimori
May 08, 2023

That's really nice! Dor looks appropriately haughty and unapproachable, while Hans' youthful optimism comes through despite his frustration at Dor, LOL. I think I especially like Dor's cheekbones! ;)

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