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A fallen world is littered with the corpses of broken god-machines, and a sheltered, angry youth is destined to re-awaken their power. But to embody a god, Dorilian Sordaneon must first learn to be human. 

Dorilian is blood bound to the Rill, a quasi-living artifact that spans continents and empowers a privileged few to reap the riches of an entire civilization. 

Unfortunately, decades after seizing control of the remaining god-machines, those privileged few aren't willing to give up their power--even if it means destroying the human bloodlines to which the Rill is tethered.



Forest Path Books




The Triempery lies crippled, its godborn princes slaughtered by treachery. Only a few survivors are left to communicate with the god-machine Entities. The ruling houses are making their play to control those survivors, desperate to maintain the wealth garnered from their monopoly of the Entities’s power.

In the aftermath of the slaughter, Stefan Stauberg-Randolph inherits his grandfather’s throne. Already an outsider because of his Kheld heritage, Stefan sees enemies around every corner–but he particularly fears Dorilian Sordaneon. Sole surviving heir to the Rill Entity, Dorilian is accused—by Stefan—of perpetrating the deaths of his kin.

Set upon conflicting paths by betrayal and suspicion, the animosity between the two young rulers could well threaten not only the Triempery’s remaining houses, but the Entities themselves.


Forest Path Books:


The Kheld King

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