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Character Notes

I’m introducing a new category of blog posts in which I talk about some of the characters in the Triempery Revelations novels.

These posts will look like the heading above but with the character name after it.

What facets of my characters will I talk about? It could be anything, but I will try to avoid spoilers. Naturally I will be looking first at characters from the earliest books and also those characters least likely to reveal huge plot points. Because these posts are more like snapshots, rather than biographies, they may not answer any questions at all. A little color. A different perspective.

A post might look at a character’s traits or qualities and how those, and the character, fit into the theme of a book. I might discuss character pairs or mirror/parallel characters. Often a post might talk about how a character came into being.

That last... is full of surprises. It may be best not to talk about THAT.

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