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Sordaneon Family Tree

This is my effort at converting my Sordaneon ancestral chart (see below) to a digital format. I could only go back so many generations before Word Smart Art got wonky on me. Fortunately, six generations of Sordaneons is enough to show the most necessary relationships.

Two relationships I want this genealogy to show, but can't make the program do, are Dorilian's first cousins: Deleus and Tiflan. Both are sons of half-sisters of Dorilian's mother, Valyane. But every time I try to add in the sisters, the lines go to the wrong people... so I gave up. But one of Valyane's sisters wed that Praxes guy (himself son of the sister of Dorilian's grandmother, so his great uncle) and Valyane's other sister is the mother of Tiflan.

Below is a photo of my original "fancy" ancestral chart for Dorilian. Fancy meant I created it on a computer or something instead of hand-drawing it. Notice its pomposity; it has Dorilian's full name and everything. It's incomplete (only Dorilian's paternal lineage) and now, after so many edits and revisions, has numerous errors in names. For example, Labran's father is now and forever, because in print, Tarentar. Dorilian's grandmother on the paternal side, who features prominently in The Kheld King, is named Ermenthalia, not Eidothea. And Ermenthalia's father, old Mezentius, wed a Mormantaloran girl (per chart at the top), not a Malyrdeon.

This is the kind of messiness that comes with writing a series. After a while, old documents stop matching the book.

I'm sharing these genealogies here (I have Malyrdeon and Kheld ancestral charts too) for fun and because some readers might find them interesting. By series end they will be edited and corrected in their proper order. I will either find a decent pedigree program or I will commission a calligrapher. I'm just frivolous enough to commission a fancy calligraphy version. Because why not? I want them to look nice when put into the final Appendix.

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