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Switching Tracks

I’m getting the edits on THE KHELD KING this week and that’s going to make me shift tracks. I’ve been using this waiting period to write LORE posts but those will slow down. Maybe a lot. Instead I will be posting different things and having a bit of fun.

What's Coming Down the Road…

THE KHELD KING cover. It’s finished… I'm just waiting on the cover reveal in The Fantasy Hive.

Full reveal of the artwork I commissioned for two of the series’ artifacts.

An excerpt from the next (third) novel, THE SECOND STONE (scheduled for 2023). I’ve only ever posted these on my Facebook page before.

The new maps. There will be an enlarged map of Essera to go with THE KHELD KING along with an updated Triempery map detailing new locations. As each book in the series gets published, the map presents added information to assist readers with following the story. The same will be true of the Appendix, which will have new names, places, etc. that appear in the book or expand on existing entries.

Editing examples (depending on what I see) from THE KHELD KING. Usually there’s at least one scene in a book that needs a major revision. There is an entire scene in SORDANEON which I added during editing, where Marc Frederick reflects on how exactly he came to the world. It can be fun to see a scene before, then after — and maybe even after again — before it hits the printed book.

These are all fun things I can do here while spending my creative writing juices on editing THE KHELD KING. I’ve said it often and will keep saying it: Editing is what makes the writing shine. I love what editing brings out in my books and I love doing that work. So I’m going to be busy and as happy as any author can be.

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