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The Triempery Series at a Glance

Updated: Mar 18

I wrote the Triempery Revelations series over a period of more than 20 years. As such, it is a sweeping, many-layered tale with a host of characters whose stories span decades and whose relationships grow and change over the course of the series. Some characters reveal surprising powers; others devolve into monsters. Their universe is one I wrote and rewrote and wrote all over again several times over until I got it right.

The series is fully written. Six completed books are sitting here on my computer and in the inboxes of my publisher and trusty editor. It will take a few years for my lovely publisher, Forest Path Books, to publish all of them, but — what luck! — in this space I will give readers an advance peek at those titles in the order they will be published.

I toyed with including descriptions of each book but... spoilers. So I will add those as the books are published. Also, look for excerpts from the various books on this blog.


The King of Essera, Marc Frederick Stauberg-Randolph, came to power through the machinations of the Wall, a Time-spanning Entity, which charged him to create a path that would save Leur’s Second Creation from a newly revived and vengeance-ridden foe. Dorilian Sordaneon is bound to another Entity, the Rill, and might be the key to that salvation. Too bad the young godborn prince’s only goal is to overthrow Marc Frederick. Meanwhile, moving in the shadows, a villain rises…


Following the slaughter of its godborn princes, the Triempery lies crippled. Dorilian Sordaneon has become Hierarch of Sordan and Marc Frederick's grandson, Stefan, now rules Essera. Already an outsider because of his Kheld heritage, Stefan sees enemies around every corner... but he fears Dorilian most of all. A greater enemy threatens both young rulers--Nammuor, wielder of a world-destroying device. The only chance to defeat Nammuor might be the late-awakening powers of Rillbound Dorilian. If Stefan doesn't kill him first.


Long live the king… if only they can find him.

The Kheld King, Stefan Stauberg-Randolph, is dead. He leaves behind a land in chaos.

His brother Handurin is rightful heir to once-mighty Essera… only Handurin is missing. Safely ensconced in another reality, he doesn’t remember who he is, or why he was sent away, until the day an immortal wizard named Marenthro shows up on his doorstep.

Handurin isn’t too happy about having his world turned upside down. But he’s even less thrilled about Marenthro’s plans for his safe return to Essera—namely by seeking the protection of the one man who was Stefan’s most hated enemy: Dorilian Sordaneon.


It will take a god to awaken a god.


The Heir to Essera’s throne, Handurin Stauberg-Randolph, has escaped from Sordan and sought out the Kheld people of Amallar. He hopes to gain them as allies, particularly against the murderous sorcerer Nammuor.


Dorilian Sordaneon has also left the safety of Sordan—and stopped the Rill god-machine. Handurin doesn’t know it yet, but Dorilian is hot on his heels. Which means Dorilian is in Amallar too, living in secret among Khelds who believe he killed, well, just about everyone.


But Amallar isn’t as welcoming as Hans thinks, or as backward as Dorilian believes.


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As the series unfolds I will post more about the races, gods, cities, Entities, and lore of the Triempery and the Creation.

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