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Coming Soon...

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Now that readers are starting to dig into THE KHELD KING, here’s what will be coming to this website and blog.

* In a month or two I shall post the original final scenes of THE KHELD KING. Yes, the manuscript when first submitted to the publisher had different end scenes. Not a different ending. But different scenes. So those will be fun to share.

* Posts about some of the scenes in THE KHELD KING that either 1) gave me fits, or 2) were a hoot to write. Author insights on what makes scenes difficult or easy.

* Discussions of two characters: Ermenthalia, and Palimia.

* A lore post on the Seven Houses.

* A lore post on the Highborn — in what ways do they differ from humans.

* A lore post on Gustan Manor.

And of course I will start posting excerpts from THE SECOND STONE and reveal how this pivotal book — and its main characters — evolved.

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