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Map of Essera

I also added this map to the Maps tab on the site. I figure readers might want to pull it up for reference when reading the ebook, which is something I do when I can find an online map for a world I'm visiting.

Essera's map is one of the oldest and it's undergone a lot changes but this is close to the final version. As you can tell, it is one of my hand-drawn maps and so quite... well, I hope you'll consider it helpful and earnest. I'll also put up the map from the book eventually; it's being drawn by a friend and is not finished yet.

You'll see Tahlwent over there on the left. The map in SORDANEON didn't have Tahlwent labeled because, although the domain was mentioned, none of the action of the story took place there. In THE KHELD KING, things happen in Tahlwent, particularly its capital of Aral, and also in several other of Essera's cities, so this map will be handy for those readers who like to keep track of such things.

Lots happens also in Trulo and Dazunor-Rannuli. The Dazun River is the heart the region and figures prominently.

Further north, the strip of land between Stauberg and Serrain is called the Eleutheron. People talk about it quite a lot and so I need to make sure the final book map labels it.

The whole region of Stauberg, the Eleutheron, Lacenedon, Gweroyen and Pessach is what's called the Royal North. It's called that because those domains were all ruled by Highborn princes until certain events in SORDANEON came to pass. Though no longer ruled by princes, these are ancient and powerful realms that share a deep history.

Some of the map's details are a little off. The Kragh, where the Dog Men live, was added after the map was drawn and labeled; I should have redrawn the mountains north of Trulo (not east as shown) and put the Kragh under the "D" in Dazunor. This will definitely be corrected in future maps, especially because the region continues to be important.

Some of the places on this map have not shown up yet and will not show up in THE KHELD KING. The map evolved as I wrote the series -- which is why things have shifted about -- and so some of the details/names won't become important until the fifth or sixth (final) books. But there they are for future reference.

Though these are the maps I used (and still use) to create the Triempery novels, they are -- like those novels -- works in progress as the story gets edited. But any changes will be minor. The world is set. And when all the novels are published, the maps too will achieve their final form.

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