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Nice to Meet You -- How'd You Find Me?

Updated: Apr 20

I figure most people reading my posts here have already read, or have begun reading, the Triempery series. That being the case, I will talk about the books, I hope in ways that will not spoil them. No great revelations or sneak peaks into coming books, though I suppose a nugget or two might slip through.

I’ll start, though, with my own curiosity.

What moved you, the reader, to pick up and read SORDANEON?

Getting a book onto readers radars is difficult. For one thing, there are so many books! It used to be there were a few hundred new titles a year… now there are 600,000 to 1,000,000. There are tens of thousands of new titles just in fantasy alone. Unless an author is a big name, it’s unlikely readers will even know the book exists.

I’ve done a few things in hope of getting readers to notice my book:

n I insisted SORDANEON get a rocking cover. I think I should write a blog post about that cover.

n I joined Twitter. Although I’m shy and reclusive, I do like people. Twitter, being text-based, seemed the least intimidating social media platform. I started to follow interesting people and hoped a few would follow me back.

n I talked up my book. A little. Here’s the thing – I hate trying to sell myself as an author. Telling people they should buy (represent, look at) my book makes me uncomfortable, even though I know they will never hear about it otherwise. But I made myself do that; I just tried not to be annoying about it.

n In that same vein, I snatched onto opportunities for interviews or guest posts. As said before, I do like people and there was always a chance someone would find me or my work interesting.

n I held giveaways and sent out a few dozen copies of the book to winners. International entries welcome. Sure, it costs me a bit in postage to send overseas, but readers live all over and I want to reach them.

To be clear, I don’t know if any of these things worked. It could be my readers found me because a friend of a friend of someone in my family recommended SORDANEON as a “Hey, my dentist’s sister’s cousin wrote a book!” But if it isn’t something like that, I would really like to know what connected you to this book.

And for what it’s worth, I’m glad you found it.

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