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The Author Speaks! Or... a Podcast

Here's another first. I have a podcast to share!

I confess I was a little nervous to be doing a podcast. I have been told in the past that I sound like either a school marm or a Yankee, depending on who is passing judgment, and neither suggests a person to whom anyone would want to listen for an hour.

But the invitation from Prickly Pens was so welcoming and nice and, hey, every author likes to talk about their work! So here is my first ever podcast!

Things this podcast reveals:

The author is not a dude. While I have never hidden that I am a woman, that I use initials and don't post a lot of photos leaves some people uncertain and sometimes I'm referred to as "he." This in no way offends me. But if you are one of the readers who thought I was a guy... SURPRISE!

As for my avatar, I like him. Look at that happy yet mischievous face! Is that not the face of the Warrior of Happiness? That is me in a nutshell. I smile a lot. I laugh a lot. Life is good! [Also, I commissioned this artwork and own the rights to use it. The character is from another book I wrote a decade ago.]

A bit of the natural history of the Triempery series. Yes, this series was years in the writing. Decades even. My magnum opus has a long and colorful history... but I only go into a small part of it. Like that an editor at my first publisher, DAW, gave some wonderful editorial advice about which character the story should put front and center. And I reveal some of the landscape inspirations for many of the lands and settings, including Massachusetts and the Andes.

Whether I consider Dorilian Sordaneon to be a hero or antihero. My most complex character is also the most difficult to define. To be sure, he has heroic qualities at times. At other times he can be an unbearable ass. I do definitively state that I would not want to be in an intimate relationship with Dorilian. Talk about high maintenance!

My favorite medical journal. Have I ever mentioned that I read everything? While with my first husband, a physician, I read all his medical journals. Because, you know, free reading material. My favorite by far? In the podcast I call it the Journal of Human Sexuality. Actually, it was this one: Medical Aspects of Human Sexuality. [Blast from the Past Fact: I read these very issues.] Can you believe this journal is discontinued? No longer published? Neither can I! I mean, it's about sex... did they run out of material or something?

I had tons of fun with this podcast! So much fun, in fact, I look forward to doing more podcasts with Prickly Pens and others in the future. I'm looking into ways to add a Podcasts page to the website, but so far I haven't figured that out. But eventually I will. And then readers can, if they choose, listen to me for hours.

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