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The Kheld King cover

I didn't talk about the Sordaneon cover because I didn't have a website at the time. Now that I do have a website, I will talk about this one for The Kheld King.

Larry Rostant did both covers and they're perfect. He's such an amazing artist; I hope to have him do the whole series. The Sordaneon cover portrays the wealth and power of the Rill-driven Triempery and how the Entity dwarfs all mortal things around it.

The Kheld King cover hints at something else. That's Stefan Stauberg-Randolph, now King of Essera, standing on the rocks. The artist captures his isolation and so does the moody dark palette that surrounds the brilliance of, yes, another Entity.

In this book readers will meet new characters and visit new lands... encounter phantom cities and bizarre sibling relationships... witness a proud monarchy go terribly wrong... and watch a godborn prince seek to gain his power before it's too late.

Here's the official back copy:

The Triempery lies crippled, its godborn princes slaughtered by treachery, its ruling houses desperate to maintain their monopoly of the god-machine Entities.

In the aftermath of the slaughter, Stefan Stauberg-Randolph inherits his grandfather’s throne. Already an outsider because of his Kheld heritage, Stefan sees enemies around every corner—but he particularly fears Dorilian Sordaneon, sole surviving heir of the Rill Entity’s power.

Set upon conflicting paths by betrayal and suspicion, the animosity between the two young rulers could well threaten not only the Triempery’s remaining houses, but the Entities themselves.

There's a pre-order special right now at Forest Path Books.

Pre-order your copy by 15th May and you receive free shipping within the USA! Use this code: KING-SHIP

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