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What's Coming Next?

It’s been an amazing journey, seeing how enthusiastically the first two books, Sordaneon and The Kheld King, of the Triempery Revelations have been welcomed by readers. Thank you to all the many people around the globe who have taken this world and its characters into your minds and hearts. The response has been wonderful! Now is as good a time as any to chat with my readers about what’s coming next.

Book Three of the Triempery Revelations, The Second Stone, will continue to follow Dorilian Sordaneon’s struggle to embrace — or reject — his deep connection to the Rill, the god-machine Entity that threatens to consume him. The world he was born into, one that was supposed to safeguard and guide him, is now in ruins. The Wall, the Triempery’s other powerful Entity, has been crippled and the Rill is under siege by factions that want to control or destroy it.

So as not to spoil the first two books, because some of the people reading this post will not have read Sordaneon or The Kheld King, I won’t go into specifics about what happened. Neither will I give details about what will happen, other than that The Second Stone introduces new characters, expands existing ones, and launches a bold shift in direction as the stakes soar to new levels. There are also new lands, customs, or locations to explore and fit into the bigger picture.

Going forward with the series, the books undertake a deeper dive into the lands and lore of the Wall and the Rill. The Entities stir. Alliances form. The enemy becomes quite clear indeed. War is already on the doorstep and Nammuor isn’t sitting still. New characters step into the story, and I think readers are going to find some of these new players surprising and maybe even adopt new favorites. Established characters, meanwhile, take on new dimensions as the story surges into its middle game and, from there, to its conclusion.

Now that the foundations of the series have been set, one heck of a story is about to unfold.

Dorilian started as a boy. He is now a man... what he might yet become remains to be seen, but one thing is becoming clearer by the day:

He cannot do it alone.

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