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Zooming in on the Sorand'ruil

I'm keeping this image large so you can all see more of it. If you're reading The Kheld King, this map would be useful in conjunction with the Essera map that's in that book. It's kind of a companion map. It shows the greater part of Dorilian's empire/domains and pinpoints many of the locations visited in Dorilian's portions of the story.

Most of the story of The Second Stone takes place on this map. The map will be included in the book.

Hans Stauberg-Randolph doesn't start out in Sordan, of course. He's been hidden away somewhere else. But as the blurb of the book makes clear, he and Dorilian are on a collision course neither of them particularly wants.

Long live the king… if only they can find him.
The Kheld King, Stefan Stauberg-Randolph, is dead. He leaves behind a land in chaos.
His brother Handurin is rightful heir to once-mighty Essera… only Handurin is missing. Safely ensconced in another reality, he doesn’t remember who he is, or why he was sent away, until the day an immortal wizard named Marenthro shows up on his doorstep.
Handurin isn’t too happy about having his world turned upside down. But he’s even less thrilled about Marenthro’s plans for his safe return to Essera—namely by seeking the protection of the one man who was Stefan’s most hated enemy: Dorilian Sordaneon.

So Hans has to find Dorilian. And meet him. And hope for the best just like everyone else who meets Dorilian must.

Which means Hans will be traveling the Sorand'ruil, the great river to the sea.

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